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Unihokej/ Floorball vs. hockey

Unlike hockey, which, over the years, has established a name in the area of sport games, floorball is a relatively new sporting game. It has first emerged almost 30 years ago in Canada, then in the US and, with tournaments being held on a regular basis, it managed to extend until it has reached the North of Europe.

The main difference between the two games is the one that basically defines them. Hockey is played on ice, while floorball is played on the floor, as the name itself suggests. However, there are many other differences waiting to be explored by eyes soaked up in curiosity and minds that wish to break the unknown that surrounds these sports.

Compared to hockey, floorball uses a very light ball and also a very light stick. Also, the rules used in the floorball games promote safety and are considerably less aggressive than the rules in hockey games. Now, opposite to hockey, floorball does not really require any sports knowledge in order to be able to play it. Also, the stick the player uses in his games needs to be at a certain level. In the case of unihokej, it should be just under the level of the waist.

Floorball does not allow any body contact between the players, so when this happens, they are usually eliminated from the competition. The rules that are being followed resemble a lot the rules you may find in a classic game of soccer. As a result, in order to create scoring opportunities, coaches encourage the use of the whole gym when moving the ball. In hockey, things are a bit different, in the sense that hockey rules are strictly followed and the attacks that are being made to the net are much more aggressive.

Again, as opposed to the hockey players, the floorball goalies are standing on their knees and are provided with creases that prevent any players from entering the net area, their playing area. Also, they do not possess a stick and are able to handle the ball in some ways that are very much alike a soccer goalie.

Last, but not least, floorball is a game that involves a lot of quick passes and running. The players’ focus is mainly on controlling the ball. That’s why it can get quite addictive to watch and play, and has attracted thousands of fans all over the world.

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Floorball dribbling drills

A floorball dribbling drill makes use of the forehand side of the blade only. The manner in which it is used resembles a lot the number 8, so this should be something beginners must always remember. Also, another great tip for the beginners is to try and practice this movement back and forth, in front of the body, and on the side where the player holds his stick. The ball will be placed at the heel of the blade when it is anywhere near the foot. Then, the ball will be pushed further and caught by the tip of the blade, right in front of the player’s body. A push back next to the foot will follow.
The flexibility of the wrists is a must in this type of movement. When the ball is controlled by the tip of the blade, the blade should be placed almost vertically as compared to the floor. The back pushes made towards the foot should be performed significantly faster, as compared to the forward pushes.

A proper amount of attention should be paid to this movement, due to the fact that it can easily be used when attacking dekes or fakes and in spinning or releasing a player with a ball. The most common mistakes made during the learning process of this movement are the lifting of the blade, the use of a backhand side of the blade and ultimately, the insufficient absorption of the ball next to the foot. Now that you know some dribbling skills, learn about how to bet on this fascinating sport!

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Have you ever wanted to play a game that was different to regular games like football and hockey? I always wanted to and when I got the chance to try something new I jumped at the opportunity. Unihokej or floorball is a game that involves a team of players who play with sticks that are made from polycarbonate composite materials. These sticks are special and they allow the player to manipulate as well as shoot a light ball that is made from plastic.

The game I am told is very popular in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Finland as well as Norway. It is also very popular in other European countries including Switzerland and Poland as well as the Czech Republic. Outside of Europe the game is becoming more popular in countries like Singapore and Japan as well as in North America as well as in faraway Australia.

Twenty players play the game and two judges referee the game. The more goals a team is able to score the higher their chances of winning. The objective is to shoot the ball between goalposts, which are located at either end of the playing field. The ball has to be controlled with the blend and not with the hands or arms or head. However, on one occasion it is possible to control the ball with a body part though even then the stick should handle the ball. One is allowed to take a high ball on one’s chest but without raising both feet off the ground. You are not permitted to shoot with your feet and nor can you control the ball with your feet.

The game is played over three periods with each period lasting twenty minutes. In between each period players take a ten-minute break. Every two years, a world cup of Unihokej is held and in 2012 the Swedes won the World Cup for Unihokej.